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Commercial Waste Connections covers the needs of all commercial business waste management requirements. This allows our clients to be provided with all their waste management needs from one company. Every business has a Duty of Care as detailed in the Environmental Protection Act 1990. We can assist with compliance, supplying waste transfer notes and legislative updates as and when necessary.

From bin & skip hire to confidential shredding to clinical waste to hazardous waste and WEEE management, we have a service to match every business’s needs.

General Waste Collections
Our general waste collection service takes care of all non-recyclable waste produced by your business. Many businesses combine a general waste service with a recycling service (mixed or single stream).

This ensures that the waste is segregated effectively, helping you to meet current waste legislation. Whatever the size of business, Commercial Waste Connections has a waste removal service for you. We assess your bin size requirements, quantity of bins needed, the type of waste generated, and the number of collections required, to ensure your business has a waste management package which is fit for purpose.
General waste collections
Recycling (Mixed and Single Stream) Collections
We offer effective recycling solutions meaning that whatever the volume or type of recyclable waste you produce, we can handle it.

Our Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) collection service is a simple and efficient way for you to dispose of your clean recyclable waste. The most common waste types for this service are cardboard, paper, LDPE plastic, plastic bottles, and aluminium/steel cans.

Where greater volumes of recyclable waste are produced, Commercial Waste Connections can offer alternative services such as designated skips or articulated lorry collections. The most common waste types for this service are plastics, paper, food, metal, cardboard, and wood.
recycling collections
Hazardous Waste and WEEE Recycling Collections
If you produce waste classified as hazardous, then you’ll need to comply with the current waste management regulations. At Commercial Waste Connections, we provide affordable services to deal with various types of hazardous waste, including fluorescent lighting tubes, aerosols, batteries, inks, oils, oil filters, thinners, solvents, adhesives, contaminated rags, and liquid wastes.

We take responsibility for ensuring that your hazardous waste causes no harm in the disposal process, and we record all your legal paperwork, so you don’t have to. Your service will cover exactly what you need, including the correct bins, suitable collection times and no surprise costs.

The Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment (WEEE) directive requires everything from fridges, IT & telecommunications equipment through to monitoring and control instruments to be diverted from landfill.

Disposing of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) can prove to be a challenge if you’re unsure of your legal obligations. Commercial Waste Connections can ensure you dispose of your WEEE in the most environmentally-friendly and compliant way.
Hazardous waste collection
Confidential Shredding and Secure Destruction Collections
We can arrange fast and secure on-site data destruction services, allowing you that extra confidence by witnessing the process on your premises. We arrange the correct capacity and equipment to manage all volumes of confidential waste to the very highest standards.

Once the material is removed from site, it is taken for recycling. A certificate of destruction is issued for your records to prove that material has been destroyed in accordance with GDPR legislation.

In addition, depending on the sensitivity, we can also arrange for off-site shredding and/or secure destruction for a regular collection of confidential waste. This works in conjunction with the supply of a range of secure internal containers to be strategically placed around your premises. The contents of all containers are destroyed to the waste shredding standard BS EN15713:2009. A certificate of destruction is also provided.
Confidential shredding
Clinical Waste Collections
With our national network of clinical waste connections, Commercial Waste Connections can deal with all types of Clinical Waste including all colours of bagged healthcare waste, sharps, and pharmaceutical waste in addition to all other difficult waste streams.

Our fully managed service provides complete compliance and contingency from the collection through to final disposal. Clinical waste requires exact identification, material handling and safe disposal and you can rely on Commercial Waste Connections to ensure all aspects are handled with efficiency and professionalism.
Clinical waste collection
Waste Audits and Consultancy Service
Commercial Waste Connections are a very different kind of waste management company. As an independent, we can offer impartial advice on the most suitable and cost effective disposal and recycling methods for your business.

We recognise that each of our customers has different needs and we pride ourselves on offering individual total waste management solutions. These are tailored to your requirements, rather than an off-the-shelf service that may not exactly fit your business.

This is achieved by working closely with you to gain a full understanding of your business. Our approach enables us to highlight areas for increased efficiency in your business processes that can lead to cost savings, environmental improvements, landfill avoidance and a reduced carbon footprint.
waste audits

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

– Native American Proverb

We care about the environment…

At the heart of our operation is the important environmental service we provide in dealing with the waste generated by businesses. We are committed to protecting the local and global environment through responsible and effective management, minimising our negative impacts and maximising opportunities to enhance the local environment in which we operate. Our goal is to comply with all relevant legislation, to prevent environmental damage and to conserve our natural resources.

We enthusiastically support the waste hierarchy and focus our efforts on the reuse and recovery of recyclable material, and the recovery of energy from waste through anaerobic digestion, landfill gas engines and energy from waste incineration.

1 recycled tin can would save enough energy to power a television for 3 hours

1 recycled glass bottle will save enough energy to power a computer for 25 minutes

1 recycled plastic bottle would save enough energy to power a light bulb for 3 hours

70% less energy is needed to recycle paper as opposed to making it from raw materials

We send over 20,000 tonnes of batteries to landfill each year, and it takes 50 times more energy to make a battery than you get from a battery

In the UK, we lose the natural resource of 4 tonnes of mercury through the disposal of around 80 million fluorescent tubes.

Unbeatable reliability with value for money every time…